The Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) has been informing Baptists about ethical and social justice issues for more than 25 years.

When the founder and previous executive director, Robert Parham, established BCE, he envisioned an independent organization free to examine and offer insight into culture’s most perplexing ethical issues.

Now, it is my great honor to step into the executive director role and lead this critical organization for a new and emerging generation.

Over the years, the Baptist Center for Ethics has provided pivotal information through publishing materials, launching and producing thought-provoking documentaries.

Building on these foundational components, BCE will continue to be a leading prophetic voice to Baptists and other people of faith.

Working alongside our partners, BCE will cooperate with other organizations to analyze and address critical ethical issues as they arise.

In addition to maintaining our focus on ethical issues, BCE will inspire and empower the next generation of Jesus followers to engage in social justice. Connecting theoretical and applied ethics will provide opportunities to seek justice in both local and global contexts.

Approaching social justice from the Jesus-centered approach, BCE will empower participants to engage in social transformation for the sake of the gospel.

During Jesus’ ministry, he engaged individuals and the culture to bring about the potential for personal and social transformation. He healed the sick and gave sight to the blind. He came to release the captives and offer tangible hope to the poor. He embraced the marginalized and welcomed the sinner.

Jesus brought good news to the world that needed an inspiring light within a reality of darkness.

As this new era for the Baptist Center for Ethics begins, I invite and encourage you to join us as we keep the light of Jesus at the forefront of our work.

Let us shine his hope into the complex and serious issues of our time. Let us be ready for action as we are called to bring about transformation through our faith and practice.

Being social justice agents will be a challenge, but a challenge worth embracing.

Therefore, as the great theologian Karl Barth encouraged, let us grab our Bibles and newspapers that we might breathe a truth and hope into the world.

Mitch Randall will begin his tenure as executive director of BCE and executive editor of on Jan. 1, 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @rmitchrandall.

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