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By John D. Pierce

Some of us were blessed to pass through the theological seminary in old Wake Forest when Randall Lolley was president. You could call it good timing — or just a blessing.

Others — in Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Greensboro — benefited from hearing his insightful, instructional and inspiring sermons week-after-week for a while.

Whether blessed by Randall’s personal touch or not, everyone now can dip into the deep well of this remarkable man’s faith, thoughts and proclamation.

lolleyjourney-for-nf-510x381JOURNEY WITH ME: Redemptive Threads Woven Through the Bible by W. Randall Lolley is now available at Nurturing

This collection of sermons takes the reader on an inspiring journey from Genesis through Revelation.

The book is a generous gift from Randall and Lou Lolley, and a collaborative effort between Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina. Royalties benefit CBFNC’S Lolley Fund for Theological Education.

“Randall Lolley is a wordsmith. He uses words the way an artist uses color,” said Larry Hovis, executive coordinator of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, who was blessed to pass through Old Southeastern during the Lolley years. “…He speaks what we would speak if we could. As important as words are to Randall’s ministry, they would be less powerful without a life to back them up.”

Thanks to the Lolleys and the many sponsors who made the publication and promotion of this book possible.

What a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in digging deeper into the biblical story that challenges and guides those seeking a life of faith, hope and love. Order one or more now at



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