Over the past nearly 15 years as a second-career journalist, I’ve wondered how I ended up in this particular vocation. I did not study journalism or chart a course for myself that including this kind of work.
I have now done this work slightly longer than I served in campus ministry.
But then, I wonder about a lot of things.
While preparing my coffee this morning, I wondered: “Half-and-Half, half of what and half of what?” (I’ll look that one up when my writing and editing tasks are done today.)
My educational focus was on religion and philosophy, psychology, and theology. Such pursuits are fitting for those who warmly embrace inquiry.
Rather than a journalist and/or a preacher, I may be more of a writing/speaking philosopher. But then, what is journalism (another inquiry!) but a combination of inquiry and communication? The same could be said of preaching.
Blogs and Internet forums often attract inquiring minds. That’s what makes them (mostly) enjoyable. Those with no interest or skills in critical analysis and effective communication rarely engage or stay.
However, ongoing analysis can be both a blessing and a curse — for even putting cream in coffee becomes a point of inquiry.
And I’m afraid there is something in the genes.
One of my daughter’s asked: “Where do you hyphenate PETSMART?”
Good question.

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