1. Turkey: Baptist Church Leaders From 120 Countries Gather in Izmir for Congress (Hurriyet Daily News)
  2. Poll: GOP ‘Support Wealthy/Business/Not for the People’ But ‘Religious’; Democratic Party For ‘the People’ and ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Cares for the Poor’ (AP-GfK Poll)
  3. A Senator Turns His Bible into a Political Tool (National Public Radio)
  4. Democrats Fast-Track Bill to Override Hobby Lobby Decision (Huffington Post)
  5. Gay Rights Groups Withdraw Support of EDNA After Hobby Lobby Decision (Washington Post)
  6. For a Business Built ‘On a Bended Knee,’ Hobby Lobby Ruling is a Boon (National Public Radio)
  7. Hobby Lobby Hobbles Worker Voice (Public Broadcasting Service)
  8. The Supreme Court Turns the First Amendment into a Weapon for Corporations (Daily Beast)
  9. Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train (The Nation)
  10. LDS Church Publishes New Essay on Book of Abraham (Deseret News)
  11. – Alternative View: Ex-Mormon’ Scholar’s Testimony about Book of Abraham
  12. Victims Say Pope’s Apology on Sex Abuse Still Doesn’t Cut It (CNN)
  13. Lawsuit Against Catholic Diocese Questions Confidentiality of Confessional (WAFB)
  14. Hispanic Baptists Seek Ways to Help Border Crisis (Associated Baptist Press)
  15. Publisher to Correct ‘Errors’ in Vines Autobiography (Associated Baptist Press)
  16. Central African Republic: Dozens of Christians Killed by Muslim Fighters (National Turk)
  17. Syria: Christian Militias Lend Muscle to Syrian Regime in Ongoing Battle Against Rebels (Irish Times)
  18. Israel: Eye for an Eye: The Bible’s Role in Revenge Attacks (CNN)
  19. Indonesia: Religion Dark Horse in Election (Al Jazeera)

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