1. Cooperative Baptist Leaders Join Chorus of Voices Against ‘Outrageous,’ ‘Heinous’ Border Policy (CBF)
  2. Trump Cabinet’s Bible Study Minister Justifies Child Separation as Consequence of Immigrants’
  3. Illegal Behavior’ (The Intercept)
  4. The White House Bible Study Group That Influenced Trump’s Family Separation Policy (Think Progress)
  5. More than 600 Members of Jeff Sessions’ Church Just Charged with Violating Church Rules, and Possibly Child Abuse (CNN)
  6. How Anti-Immigration Passion was Inflamed from the Fringe (New York Times)
  7. Catholic Priest: Remember How the Nazis Normalized Evil (Newsday)
  8. Why the Evangelical Nonprofit Focus on the Family Isn’t Focusing on Families at the Border (Slate)
  9. Weren’t Evangelicals Supposed to Meet With Trump This Week? (Washingtonian)
  10. Border Separations Open Rift Between Trump and Evangelicals (Politico)
  11. The Collapse of Evangelical Leadership was Inevitable; Its Resurrection Isn’t (Forbes)
  12. First Baptist’s Robert Jeffress Blames Rawlings, DMN for Billboard Removal (Dallas Observer)
  13. Charleston, Where 40% of all US Slaves Entered the Country, May Finally Apologize for Its Role in the Slave Trade (CNN)
  14. The End of Civil Rights (The Atlantic)
  15. US Leaving UN Human Rights Council – ‘a Cesspool of Political Bias’ (CNN)
  16. Christian Geneticist Francis Collins Ponders Promise, Peril of Biotechnology (Religion News Service)
  17. The Mormon Church Doesn’t Hate Weed as Much as it Loves Money (Observer)
  18. U.K.: Ancient Christian Inscription Provides Evidence that King Arthur May Have Existed (Aleteia)
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