1. Obama Delivers Passionate Discourse on Race at Ceremony for 9 Slain Churchgoers (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  2. Obama Delivers ‘Amazing Grace’ at Funeral of Slain Pastor (Reuters)
  3. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide (CNN)
  4. How Gay Marriage Ruling Affects Local Churches (Louisville Courier-Journal)
  5. Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage in All 50 States (Baptist News Global)
  6. 5-4 Marriage Decision: Southern Baptist Leaders React (Baptist Press)
  7. Moore Spearheads Evangelical Marriage Statement (Baptist Press)
  8. Key Excerpts on Religious Liberty from Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling (Washington Post)
  9. Conservative Lawmakers and Faith Groups Seek Exemptions After Same-Sex Ruling (New York Times)
  10. GOP Candidates Lash out at Supreme Court for Gay Marriage Ruling (CBS News)
  11. Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church: A Legacy of Heroes and Martyrs (Washington Post)
  12. Lawmakers ‘Punt’ on Request to Remove Confederate Flag from House (USA Today)
  13. National Cathedral to Remove Confederate Stained Glass (USA Today)
  14. Confederate Heritage Group Loses its Southern Influence (ABC News)
  15. Black, White Pastors United in ‘War’ on Fear, Racism (Baptist News Global)
  16. The Week that Changed the Nation (CNN)
  17. Bible-Based All-Wood Ark Takes Shape in Kentucky Field (NBC News)
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