By John D. Pierce

Reading Nurturing Faith Journal has many benefits — with the overarching advantage of gaining understanding around the many issues impacting thoughtful and faithful daily living.

The latest issue explores the role of “hard prayers,” the good reasons to not stop at believing, the dangers of imposing our agendas on Jesus, and “Why white nationalism tempts white Christians.”

There are exclusive conversations with Wayne Smith, recipient of the 2019 Judson-Rice Award for his work among persons impacted by HIV/AIDS, and Barry Howard, editor of Call Stories, on the “mysterious summons” to ministry.

Historian Bruce Gourley continues his series on “Religion and the American Presidents” with a look into self-described “lightfoot Baptist” Harry S. Truman.

In the “Being Church” series, consultant Bill Wilson responds to questions about changing congregational life. He admits, “Big changes are upon us,” and offers some guidance for navigating these changes.

Larry Hovis adds to those insights with his perspective on the “vital leadership practice” of cultivating an intentional congregational identity because “your church and your ministry depend on it.”

Tony Cartledge provides the superb Nurturing Faith Bible Studies within the journal — along with his “Diggin’ It” column that gives better understanding of Sodom and Gomorrah than fire-breathing preachers tend to offer.

Contributing writer Rick Jordan talks with Daynette Snead about her ministry of helping North Carolina churches cross cultural boundaries. And Ben Self introduces readers to Joanna Mack who leads a Kentucky ministry to inmates seeking a fresh start.

And there is much, much more! To know better, simply subscribe to Nurturing Faith Journal online or by calling 478-301-5655.

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