Few of us have to seek change. Change generally happens whether we seek it or not, but how do you know when you need to be the initiator of change in your life?

If you are attuned to your own emotions, you probably think that you know when you need a change, especially in the area of work or ministry.

Perhaps you lack enthusiasm for the daily routine. When you started, there was plenty to be done, and you have faced the challenges that your present situation offers, handled them well, and things have become rather routine.

Perhaps you find yourself increasingly disengaged from the day-to-day operations around you. You have gone beyond delegation to abdication. You are not simply handing off responsibilities to others; you don’t particularly care if they get done or not.

Or maybe you have a feeling of restlessness and wonder what’s happening elsewhere.

None of these offers valid justification for making a change in your present work or ministry role. Before you do anything, you need to get a new perspective on what is happening around you and make sure that you are not missing something that should be addressed where you are.

Talk to a friend who will be honest with you and get his or her perspective. Often, it is better if this person is an outsider to your organization who can offer you a dose of reality.

You may receive an insight here that will encourage you to re-engage your present situation with new enthusiasm.

Once you have a second opinion and still have “itchy feet,” start thinking about your real motivation for wanting to move.

Are you looking for an easier responsibility? Probably not or you would stay put.

Are you seeking increased compensation? A bigger salary or benefits are not justification for geographical relocation. Rarely does a person come out even financially in a major relocation.

Are you seeking new responsibilities that will stretch you and allow you to learn new things? If so, you may have found a good reason to make a change.

A lay friend of mine recently commented, “The one thing I’ve found about the changes I’ve gone through in my life is that after I’ve gone through the change just how much I enjoyed the journey. It’s always brought me closer to God and made me a better person.”

The journey is all about learning, growing and making a difference. If you are ready to enjoy the journey, you may be ready for a change.

Ircel Harrison is an associate with Pinnacle Leadership Associates and director of the Murfreesboro Center of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. This column appeared previously on his blog

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