By John Pierce

My Friday proofreading will be through blurry, blurry eyes. I really, really didn’t want to go to Atlanta tonight. (Oh, I guess that would be last night now.)

But daughter Abigail really, really did. She had won VIP and Meet & Greet tickets for the All Time Low concert at the Tabernacle.  Her older sister had late night plans already with Harry Potter — hence my continuing state of awake.

So I took Abigail to Atlanta — along with a handy pair of neon earplugs.

It was my first time inside the Tabernacle since it became a concert venue — first known as the House of Blues during the 1996 Olympics. Its long, earlier life was as Tabernacle Baptist Church — once a very prominent Atlanta congregation that gave birth to one of the city’s major hospitals.

Since I don’t do moshing, Abigail and I took seats on the front row in the balcony with an excellent view of the stage. Looking around, I marveled at how much of the beautiful church architecture remained: stained glass, organ pipes and more.

Abigail suggested I walk around before the concert and check out the building some more while she saved our seats.

I responded: “OK, as long as you are safe — and secure from all alarms.”

“What?” she asked with a strange look.

“Oh, nothing,” I said. “It’s just a song — one that was probably sung in this building for many, many years.”



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