One more day. At last.

Just one more day of attack ads, phone calls, and mailbox stuffers.


Politics will still dominate the news for days, and if the race is really close there could be screaming, but at least the election will be over. 

It doesn’t take us long to get tired of negativity, campaigns based almost entirely on what’s wrong with the other candidate, and constant stretching (or total breaking) of the truth. 

My resolution for the day is to be “for.” I can be for my favored candidates without demonizing the other candidates. I can recognize that virtually all people who run for state or national office are people of good will who sincerely think they can help the country. Even if I disagree with their vision, I can appreciate their willingness to serve in roles that I certainly wouldn’t want. 

So today, amid all the negativity, I’m intentionally thinking “for,” not “against,” and being thankful that I live in a country where my vote can matter. 

It’s possible to for each other, and gentle with each other, even when we hold competing visions. 

Let’s be “for.”

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