The Baptist Today website, newly remodeled less than a year ago, has some new features that many readers have yet to discover, so I want to point out two of them.

LantanaButterfly2The first is a “Weekly Photo,” a picture of the week submitted by one of our readers. It’s a great way for readers to share impressive images from vacations, mission trips, church activities, or even some of the amazing flowers in the back yard.

Save the selfies and pet photos for Facebook or Instagram, and send us your most impressive shots. Did you manage to zoom in on a colorful hummingbird in mid-flight, or a butterfly that made you smile? Did you capture an interesting angle on an aspect of church architecture, or an intriguing close-up of something mundane but beautiful?

nosebleedHorizontal photos work best, and need to be at least 1200 pixels across, which is not a problem with most cameras these days. Submitting your photos is easy: just use this link, or click the “Submit Photos” button beneath the “Weekly Photo” feature on the website. I submitted three photos yesterday, and the process was easy.

Who will knock my photo of the theater at Ephesus off of the “Weekly Photo” podium? I’m anxious to see!

When I do, it will likely be on my cell phone: the Baptist Today website is smart enough to know if it’s being accessed by computer, tablet, or smartphone, and resizes the pages automatically.

Herbs for sale in Izmir, Turkey.

Herbs for sale in Izmir, Turkey.

You don’t have to have a separate app or type a different address to get to a site optimized for your platform — but you can save a step by downloading our nifty icon to the home screen of your tablet or smartphone. There’s a page under “blogs” that tells you how to do it, or you can simply click this link from your mobile device and get ready access to all the news, features, blogs, and other resources available through Baptist Today‘s rich and appealing web platform.

Submit some photos, add the icon, and before long you may be able to pull out your cell phone and show your friends that you’re featured on the home page at Baptists Today. Come on, bump me off the page!


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