By John Pierce

It’s time to pack our bags, and get ready to go.

The destination is familiar; we go there every year.

Grandma’s house? No, the larger and much grander experience of Christmas.

But to arrive in good shape, fully alert and filled with expectations will require careful preparation. That’s why we have four weeks of Advent.

Anticipation makes the arrival of the Christ Child more celebratory and meaningful than having Christmas sneak up on us — or be seen as simply an imposing deadline that calls us to madness.

As communities of faith, we mark this step-by-step journey with readings, reflections and lighted candles. But a personal, daily experience is beneficial as well.

One helpful resource can be found online right here. It’s called “Following the Star” and is providing by the good Passport people.

These daily Advent reflections start (as Advent does) on this Sunday.

Let the journey begin!

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