riseBy John Pierce

While participating in the Nurturing Faith Experience to Glacier, Mont., this summer, singer/songwriter Scott Willis was inspired write a beautiful song titled “Maker of All.” He sang the emerging words of worship during our last morning gathering there.

Returning home to Tennessee, Scott went into the studio with Jon Conley (on break from touring with Kenny Chesney) and recorded the song. Then Scott put the music with images from the experience that 16 of us shared in Montana.


His music video is now posted on the expanded Nurturing Faith web site where books, Bible studies and other resources can be found — including Nurturing Faith Experiences. Upcoming events include Turkey/Greece and Yellowstone/Tetons.

We’d love to have you join us for these unique, personalized travel/learning experiences. And please check out the great books (available in print or digital form).

The homepage that leads to all the resources is NurturingFaith.net. Information and registration for the Nurturing Faith Experiences are at NurturingFaith.net/experiences.

The “Looking Back” link takes you to Scott’s music video, as well as photos  from previous experiences to Yellowstone, Israel/West Bank and Glacier.

More of Scott’s music may be found at worship150.com.

Not all of us have such musical talent but we all can be inspired by both the gifts of others and by our own unique expressions that come from being away from daily routines and having fresh encounters with rich history, scenic beauty and the Maker of All.


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