MAGA ruins everything, even the Super Bowl.

The MAGA crowd is losing its ever-loving mind about singer-songwriter Taylor Swift dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Swift is a global superstar who has been dating the Super Bowl-bound Kelce the entire season.  And for the whole season, the knuckle-dragging elements of MAGA have been furious over how much attention Swift is drawing.  

The craziness elevated to lunacy level this week with the Chiefs reaching the Super Bowl. MAGA believes the Chiefs’ path to the Super Bowl was not earned on the field but orchestrated by the deep state.  

According to the conspiracy theory, the entire season has been a secretive plot to get Taylor Swift to the Super Bowl so she can endorse President Joe Biden. In 2020, Swift endorsed Biden over Donald Trump—sending the former president into a frenzy, seeking revenge on the pop star.  

Unfortunately for the former president and his MAGA supporters, Swift is more culturally relevant and significant than any of them combined. Her Eras tour and film are shocking examples of how much Swift’s popularity has grown. The Eras concerts have generated over $2.2 billion in sales, with an average of over 72,000 attending the live performances.  

The movie generated over $100 million in revenue in the United States. Globally, it brought in over $250 million. Swift’s enormous success placed her in the billionaires club with a net worth of $1.1 billion.  

As you can imagine, this can’t sit well with former President Trump. Trump has a history of demeaning strong, powerful and wealthy women.  

The former president is estimated to have a net worth of $2.6 billion. Still, estimates are based on documents submitted by the Trump organization—numbers found to have been inflated by the New York state court.

As the Super Bowl festivities unfold this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have spent much more time reading about MAGA and Donald Trump than I wanted.  Instead of analyzing the matchups between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, I’ve read and listened to the MAGA madness surrounding Swift.

Why are the MAGA faithful so obsessed with her?

Rolling Stone offered an excellent timeline of MAGA’s rising tension with the artist. From moving away from her country-and-western roots to supporting Black Lives Matter after the murder of George Floyd, the far-right placed Swift in its crosshairs for criticism.  

However, the greatest threat to MAGA and Donald Trump is Swift’s success. While she fits the female image MAGA and Trump adore, the artist’s success became a threat to the fragile white male egos within the MAGA movement.

Swift’s musical success gave her more wealth and influence than she ever dreamed. In my opinion, Swift has been careful in recognizing how her actions and words affect her throngs of fans—especially millions of young girls.  

Yet, her wealth and influence terrify the MAGA patriarchy. They do not have a problem with strong, wealthy women per se as long as they submit to their authority.  

On the other hand, Swift has proven she has a mind of her own and rejects the patriarchy. This has MAGA shaking in its boots.

As much as MAGA is trying to ruin the Super Bowl for everyone with all this nonsense, I am choosing not to let them. MAGA is a cancer within our culture, but instead of giving in to it, I will fight it. I will not allow them to ruin the Super Bowl or this country.

Swift wrote this profound lyric in her “Out of the Woods” single from the album “1989”: “The monsters turned out to be just trees.” How true! MAGA sounds and looks scary at times, but when confronted by a young, influential female artist, it recoils.  

While I had heard of Taylor Swift over the years and enjoyed some of her songs, I did not know much about her as an artist and person. What I have discovered—mainly because MAGA was losing its mind—is a talented and incredible young woman changing the world.

While I will cheer for the teams and players during the Super Bowl this week, I will be cheering even louder for Taylor Swift. I may not be a Swifty quite yet, but as a remarkable person making a positive difference in the world, I am a big fan of hers.  

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