Macon, Georgia’s downtown is filled with varied and impressive architecture. When I stroll the sidewalks — often coming down from Coleman Hill at lunch hour — I’m always impressed by the creative designs and craftsmanship of structures built by and for another generation.

Many of the historic buildings now have clear reminders of what existed at another time in history. Plaques (such as the two pictured) tell what businesses once occupied those spaces.

For me, these are yet another reminder that life moves on. Many have gone before us and, likely, many will go after us. Life is always dynamic, never static.

When our news journal staff met (in person and by phone) last week, we shared personal thoughts that motivate us to keep going when facing a challenging task or a quickly approaching deadline.

Each person had something good to say. For me, I like to keep myself reminded that time is a fleeting gift. It cannot be put in a reserve fund. The only question each day is how those hours will be spent.

Dates on historic buildings — like those on tombstones — remind me that we have been given a particular and narrow “slice of history” in which to live, relate, contribute and find meaning. It is up to us, individually, to use that slice well.

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