1. Feds Deal Double Blow to FLDS, the Sect Led by the Jeffs Brothers (CNN)
  2. 2,500-Year-Old Seal Belonging to a Woman Unearthed in Jerusalem (CNN)
  3. Ad for Virgin Daughter Strikes Sour Note at Christian Magazine (Houston Chronicle)
  4. Historic Delaware Church Converted to Brewery (Delaware Online)
  5. Ted Cruz Packs Raleigh’s Calvary Baptist Church, Blasts Donald Trump (Charlotte Observer)
  6. Another Hitler? How World Leaders See Donald Trump (USA Today)
  7. Missouri Democrats Filibuster ‘Religious-Freedom’ Discrimination Bill (Washington Post)
  8. Missouri Southern Baptists Defend the Right to Discriminate (MBC Pathway)
  9. Baptist Political Science Professor Running for Congress on Discrimination Platform (Baptist News Global)
  10. The Catholic Church in Michigan Ends Discrimination, Allows Health Benefits for Gay Couples (Washington Post)
  11. Nation’s First For-Profit Christian School Loses Bid to Return to Nonprofit Status (Baptist News Global)
  12. Of Kings and Prophets: Where the Bible Meets Game of Thrones (The Guardian)
  13. The Bible Goes Primetime With Sexy ‘Sacred’ Soap Opera (Times of Israel)
  14. Middle East: Seven Key Findings About Religion and Politics in Israel (Pew Research)
  15. India: Women Across Faith Challenge Patriarchy Within Religion (The Hindu)
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