Americans are overwhelmingly happy and optimistic, according to an October 6-9 Gallup poll.

A majority (94 percent) of Americans identify themselves as “very” or “fairly” happy, while 78 percent of Americans are optimistic about the nation’s future.
Marital status and religious involvement significantly influence levels of happiness, reported Gallup News Service.
The happiest Americans are women. A majority (62 percent) of married women describe themselves as “very happy,” compared to 37 percent of unmarried women.
A majority (53 percent) of men say they are “very happy,” compared to 35 percent of unmarried men, according to the Gallup Web site.
Americans who attend church more often and read the Bible more frequently are happier than those less involved in church and those who read the Bible less frequently.
Income and education are key factors in creating optimism. A majority (87 percent) of Americans with incomes of $75,000 or more are more optimistic about America’s future than those earning less than $20,000.
More than two-thirds (68 percent) of poorer Americans are optimistic.
College graduates are more optimistic than those with a high school education or less.
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