1. Maya Angelou, Acclaimed Writer, Dies (Christian Science Monitor)
  2. Civil Rights Icon John Lewis: Maya Angelou ‘Inspired an Entire Generation’ (TIME)
  3. GOP Senate Candidate Attacks Supreme Court for Preventing Teachers from Praying in School (Raw Story)
  4. Atheists Lose Latest Legal Fight Over ‘In God We Trust’ (Religion News Service)
  5. Map: Where Offending a Religion Could Get You Executed (Washington Post)
  6. Windermere Lawsuit Comes to an End (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Baptists, Vatican Agree: Social Media is Worth the Effort (Associated Baptist Press)
  8. Balkans: Serbian Baptists Appeal for Help After Deadly Flooding (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Africa: Reports: At Least 30 Killed at Church in Central African Republic (Al Jazeera)
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