1. With the Supreme Court’s Help, Religion Creeps Toward the State (The Atlantic)
  2. Alabama Justice Says the First Amendment Only Protects Christians (MSNBC) / Offers Clarification (Mediate)
  3. Vatican: Child Abuse is Not Torture; Catholic Church is Not Responsible for Abuse (Daily Beast)
  4. Hispanic Evangelicals Call for Change in Capital Punishment (Huffington Post)
  5. Broward Schools Chief Apologizes for Bible Incident (Sun Sentinel)
  6. Harper Acquires Bible Software Company (Publishers Weekly)
  7. 1500-Year-Old Bible Discovered in Turkey Indicates Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified (Latin Times)
  8. Israeli Says He Has Found King David’s Citadel, Critics Disagree (Sci-Tech Today)
  9. ASCAP Christian Awards Honor Matthew West, Smith and Grant (Tennessean)
  10. Maryland County Board Not Yet Resuming Christian Prayer (CBS Baltimore)
  11. Family Pastor Commits Suicide Weeks After Lead Pastor Gave Thanks that Church Never Had a Funeral in Five Years (Christian Post)
  12. Baptist Leader Warns of Tightening Finances as Older Baptists Pass Away (Kentucky Baptist Messenger)
  13. Baptist Leader Urges Better Police Training About How to Interact with Mentally Ill (ABP)
  14. Virgina College’s President Resigns in Another Sign of Schools’ Uncertain Future (ABP)
  15. Ukraine: BWA Solicits Continuing Prayer for Ukraine (Associated Baptist Press)
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