Welcome, Lydia Fields! — who is developing, expanding and driving social media for Nurturing Faith now.  And we want you engaged in these wonderful ways of staying informed and sharing ideas too!

Lydia knows social media strategy and our audience very well. A gift from the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation, for which we’re very grateful, makes this expansion of our social media presence possible.

Lydia is an independent graphic designer in Gainesville, Ga. She is a visual arts and public relations graduate of Berry College and received a Masters of Christian Ministry from Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology.

Please connect with Nurturing Faith through Facebook (Nurturing Faith Publishing), Twitter (@nurturingfaith1) and Instagram (nurturingfaith). [Confession: Guess who’s not on Istagram. Yet.]

Do you have an idea to share with Lydia about the possibilities for social media? Have a question? Then let her hear from you.

Would you like to receive an occasional update (eNews) from Nurturing Faith via email — with our promise to not overwhelm you or share your information? If so, please email Lydia at socialmedia@nurturingfaith.net and say, “Put me on the list.”

“And be sure to click, follow and friend us!” said Lydia of the various platforms where Nurturing Faith has a presence. You can access them directly or by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the nurturingfaith.net homepage.

Welcome to the team, Lydia!  And welcome everyone to these good ways of engaging with one another, sharing timely information and becoming more aware of the many good offerings from Nurturing Faith and elsewhere.


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