What do donors want from EthicsDaily.com?


Donors want to know that their gifts make a difference. They want to see a return on their gift. They want to know that we are good stewards of what they have entrusted to us. They want results.

Here are 10 tangible results that one gets for a donation to EthicsDaily.com:

1. Resources to know more about and how to address predatory lending. Articles on human trafficking, creation care, Labor Day, Advent – and much more.

2. Documentaries on some of the most pressing issues of the day – incarceration, immigration, interfaith, taxation. These documentaries have given goodwill Christians a positive footprint on the TV world and are widely used in churches as moral education tools.

3. Video shorts with church leaders around the world addressing urgent issues – persecution in South Sudan, the migrant needs in Germany, life as a Palestinian Christian in Israel, constructive interfaith engagement with Muslims – to mention of few.

Plus, an introduction of the new president of the Baptist World Alliance. Reports about last year’s Ebola crisis in Liberia and breaking news about the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Baptists.

4. Photo news stories from around the world. These include Baylor Scott & White Health’s Faith In Action Initiatives providing medical supplies through Hungarian Baptist Aid to aid Syrian refugees. Others are from the Jamaica Baptist Union’s annual general assembly and European Baptist Federation council meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

5. Articles about the abundant good that churches do, such as the series on social capital. As schools add education capital to society, churches add social capital to society. On a parallel track was the series introducing goodwill faith leaders.

6. Online, undated Bible studies are available with the most popular being “Questions Jesus Asked.”

7. Almost every day, EthicsDaily.com has a column to help improve church leadership. These insightful and practical articles encourage and equip churches.

8. EthicsDaily.com works tirelessly to connect global goodwill Baptists through articles and social media such as Twitter.

9. In an age of information overload, EthicsDaily.com is aware that church leaders can’t read every report, follow every cultural trend, keep up with all moral statements. So, we provide news briefs summarizing the most important and relevant publications.

10. EthicsDaily.com equips, informs and connects goodwill people of faith. We provide one more tangible result. We offer a robust, positive, centrist moral witness in a deeply polarized world.

I hope this list is convincing enough for readers to make an online donation.

For a 5-minute overview of much of our history, watch this video clip that includes words from Denzel Washington, Jimmy Carter, Katie Couric.

Know that your gift makes a tangible difference.

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Make a gift. Make a tangible difference for the common good.

Robert Parham is executive editor of EthicsDaily.com and executive director of its parent organization, the Baptist Center for Ethics. Follow him on Twitter at RobertParham1 and friend him on Facebook.

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