More Americans (65%) say Hamas is responsible for the war in Gaza than the Israeli government (35%), according to a Pew Research Center report released December 8. 

A smaller percentage say the Palestinian people (20%) and the Israeli people (13%) bear “a lot” of responsibility for the conflict. While other respondents say they bear “no” responsibility at all (Palestinian people, 21%; Israeli people, 31%). 

The report finds partisan and age differences regarding the use of violence, with nearly half of Democrats (45%) saying “Israel is going too far in its military operation against Hamas” compared to 12% of Republicans. Younger  Americans are more likely to say, “Israel is going too far” than older Americans. 

The survey finds, “Americans also differ over Israel’s ongoing military operation against Hamas, with nearly a third (32%) “not sure.” About a quarter (27%) say Israel is going too far in its current military operation, while about as many (25%) say it is taking the right approach; 16% of Americans say Israel is not going far enough militarily.” 

However, most Republicans/ Republican-leaning independents (73%) and Democrats/ Democrat-leaning independents (62%) agree that Hamas is most responsible for the war. Still, Democrats (50%) more than Republicans (21%) say the Israeli government bears “a lot” of responsibility.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has increased concerns among Americans, who responded with fears that “the war going on for a very long time” (44%), “the war expanding to other countries in the region” (42%) and “the war leading to a terrorist attack in the United States” (41%). Fifty-two percent of Americans say a two-state solution remains possible, though in the future, while 45% say this is impossible. 

For the survey’s methodology, click here. For the full report, click here.

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