launched a new version of its Web site Feb. 4. Those of us on staff are enjoying the upgrades, and we hope you are, too.

Refining the site’s design and interface is a process, not a destination, but as you read and play around with the site, consider these pointers and tidbits for accessing our articles:

  • After you click to read an article, look near the upper-right of the article. There you’ll see a printer-friendly page icon and an e-mail icon. The latter lets you send a link to that article to a friend.


  • Also note the list of “related articles” on the right side of the page. These articles are automatically chosen based on a set of keywords (or tags) we apply to each article. You can see those keywords at the very bottom of each article.


  • The keywords at the bottom of each article are clickable. So, for example, if you want to see all articles written by so-and-so, click on that person’s name/keyword, and the site will deliver all articles by that person.


  • See all those little icons at the bottom of an article (just above the keywords)? You’re seeing those more and more on news and information sites. Those links let you share the article on your favorite social media site like Facebook, Digg, etc.


  • Our search engine has vastly improved. Type a name or term in the box at the top of any page and enjoy the results. Articles go back to the year 2000.


  • You can see how we divide article content by clicking on the “Articles” button in the top navigation bar. It will show you a drop-down menu of various sections (e.g. Movie Reviews, Columns on Politics). Click on a section to see the “active” articles in that section.


  • When articles are posted to the site, they are “active” for several weeks and visible in article sections before being “closed.” Closed articles, however, are still on the site and always accessible via the search engine.


  • We moved more than 6,000 articles from our old platform to this one. While all the content is there, some of the formatting on those articles isn’t perfect. Improving that older formatting will be an ongoing process. 

As you navigate and explore the site, please let us know what you think. We strive to improve the site’s functionality and usefulness and value your feedback.

Cliff Vaughn is managing editor for

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