By John Pierce

Worthy causes abound. There are many and varied groups that benefit from our generous giving.

Baptists Today is one such charitable organization where, as I often say, such gifts are greatly “needed and appreciated.”

That is, we depend on the generosity of supportive friends.

Our operations are lean and effective, and financial accountability is of the highest order.

Our mission is unique and needed.

Unlike ministries that are underwritten by denominational funding, Baptists Today and its book and church resources publishing arm, Nurturing Faith, are fully autonomous. Sales and advertising revenue covers but a portion of what it takes to fulfill this mission.

So, with much gratitude, I express sincere appreciation for those who faithfully include this good cause in their monthly or annual giving — as well as estate planning that helps secure the future.

For others of you who value unrestricted news and thought-provoking writing and other Christian resources that are never dumbed down, you are invited to join this good effort.

Your support is both needed and appreciated! Really.

“Giving Tuesday” — or any day before or after — is a good time to make such a gift at

Or send your gift to Baptists Today, P.O. Box 6318, Macon, GA 31208-6318. I’d be very, very grateful!



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