I like to think that every day brings something new for those who pay attention. Some days are just new all around.

The past few days have been like that for me … somewhere around nine months ago I agreed to leave the work I’d grown to love as editor of the Biblical Recorder and exchange it for a classroom at the Campbell University Divinity School, along with a post as contributing editor for Baptists Today.

After phasing out at the Recorder in late July, I dove into life with Baptists Today by simultaneously starting a blog on the BT website and covering a Baptist history celebration in Charleston.

The following week, I started moving into my new office at Campbell, part of a former classroom on the third floor of Taylor Hall, overlooking the future site of Butler Chapel.

I should be able to keep an eye on anyone using the prayer garden for unintended purposes.

This week, I’ve gotten my first taste of faculty orientation at Campbell. In addition to my office, I have a nifty I.D. card I can use to buy lunch, a parking sticker, and an e-mail account.

More importantly, I have nine new teaching colleagues in the Divinity School and four in the school of religion, along with half a dozen other staff members who round out the Divinity School family. They’ve gone the extra mile to help me feel at home.

Campbell is in the process of re-instituting football after a 50-year absence. I grew up in a football town and put in my time as a “Mighty Red Devil” in Lincoln County, Georgia (2006 state champs, by the way). I then attended the University of Georgia and strengthened my allegiance to the Georgia Bulldogs.

I’m learning to love Campbell, and I may get one of the “Campbell Football: Undefeated” T-shirts in the bookstore, but it’s going to feel mighty awkward shouting “Go, you hairy Camels!”

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