Ministry to women is valuable, according to the State of Ministry to Women study released by Lifeway Research last month. The report surveyed 1,001 “evangelical and Black Protestant female churchgoers” and 842 women’s ministry leaders.

Most respondents (96%) who attend one monthly church service or more say their church values women. A majority of respondents (90%) say their church invests in and equips women. In addition, 84% of respondents say they enjoy where they serve.

While one in five respondents believe there is room for improvement, two-thirds (66%) are involved in a small group or other adult gathering at least once a month. “Ministry leaders and women churchgoers believe ministry to women is working in their congregations, but both feel there’s room for improvement,” Aaron Earls, senior writer and Marissa Postell Sullivan, managing editor, write. 

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) say their church has a women’s ministry. An additional 21% have informal activities for women. Eight percent of respondents say their church doesn’t have any activities for women and 7% say they are unaware of any activities for women.

The women surveyed say that there is value in ministry to women. These values include stronger relationships among women in the church (68%), opportunities for women to be refreshed and restored spiritually and emotionally (65%) and a place to ask questions and openly discuss faith topics (58%).

“While acknowledging areas that need more investment, both leaders and those involved see value in their church’s ministry to women,” Aaron Earls, senior writer and Marissa Postell Sullivan, managing editor, write. “Women in the pews, however, experience those benefits firsthand.”

To read the full report, click here.

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