A new podcast series will explore how Black pastoral leaders in the United States flourish in their various ministerial contexts.

Jointly produced by Good Faith Media and Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society, the podcast series will deliver several dozen 30-minute, interview-based podcasts with prominent Black pastoral leaders. Production will begin this fall.

These leaders will focus on how their spiritual gifts interact with their unique settings for ministry, yielding the substance of their ministerial work and resulting in their flourishing in ministry from the Black church for the whole church.

It’s a formula – capacity + context = content – that Lott Carey has been exploring. Each podcast episode – framed around constructive and inspiring conversations with Black pastors – will further illuminate this formula for flourishing in ministry.

“We are excited to offer a series of podcasts with rich insights for pastors from pastors,” said Jacqueline Madison-McCreary, Lott Carey’s Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving learning coordinator. “These conversations will stem from the wealth of wisdom and experience of the pastors’ own journeys of striving and thriving in ministry. Each episode will inspire and invigorate your vision for ministry and leadership capacity as you endeavor to flourish in your ministry context.”

“The insights that more than 50 women and young adult pastors are gaining through domestic retreats and international pilgrimages in our Lilly Endowment funded Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving will now be shared to pastoral leaders globally through this Lott Carey-Good Faith Media partnership,” said David Emmanuel Goatley, Lott Carey Thriving in Ministry director. “The transformation being experienced can continue and enrich the lives of leaders wherever the internet will reach.”

Goatley and Madison-McCreary serve as project director and learning coordinator, respectively, for the “Pilgrimages of Striving and Thriving” project of Lott Carey. The project is funded through a Thriving in Ministry grant from the Lilly Endowment.

“Lott Carey’s Thriving in Ministry program is a unique contribution to the development and nurturing of intergenerational pastoral leaders,” said Emmett L. Dunn, Lott Carey’s executive secretary-treasurer. “I am confident that those who are privileged to participate will be exposed to new methodologies for positive engagement in the communities they serve.”

Lott Carey helps churches to extend through Christian witness throughout the world by coming alongside indigenously led partners engaged in ministries of evangelism, compassion, empowerment and advocacy with prayer partnership, financial support and technical assistance.

Good Faith Media will produce the podcast series for Lott Carey. Good Faith Media is a nonprofit, faith-based organization with the mission of providing reflection and resources at the intersection of faith and culture through an inclusive Christian lens.

“Working alongside such a trustworthy partner with a passion ‘to extend the Christian witness around the world’ demonstrates the kind of collaboration that changes the world for the common good,” says Mitch Randall, CEO of Good Faith Media.

All podcast episodes will be available wherever you get your podcasts.

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