EDE, THE NETHERLANDS — John Upton, executive director of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV), will be the nominee for president when the BWA convenes for its World Congress in Honolulu next summer. Upton was recommended by a nominating committee chaired by Raul Scialabba of Argentina, and affirmed by vote of the BWA’s General Council July 31.

If elected, Upton will succeed David Coffey of Great Britain, who has served since his election at the Centennial Congress in Birmingham, England, in 2005. BWA presidents serve five year terms: Upton’s term would be from 2010-2015.

Prior to introducing Upton, Scialabba said the committee agreed that the next president should be multilingual, a person of vision, and someone “able to unite diverse peoples within and for the BWA.”

Upton, who served with his wife as a missionary in Taiwan between 1986 and 1991, speaks Mandarin Chinese. Upton has previously served on the BWA General Council and the Executive Committee, among other positions of responsibility. He currently chairs the program committee for the World Congress to be held in Honolulu July 28-Aug. 1, 2010.

Upton was named executive director of the BGAV in November 2001. He had earlier served as group leader of the BGAV’s Mission Mobilization Group, and as pastor of Urbanna Baptist Church in Urbanna, Virginia.

Upton said he was honored by the nomination, excited about the opportunity, and ready to serve.

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