Presidential politics can be interesting. The most laughable and least significant report of the week was Focus on the Family leader James Dobson’s pronouncement that he “might” endorse Republican Sen. John McCain.
In the words of military veteran Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”
Imagine that, a Religious Right figure supporting a Republican candidate. When is the last time that happened?…never mind.
Of course, Dobson, who famously said he “would not vote for John McCain under any circumstance,” still wants to be a player in national politics. So this is a calculated move to keep him visible and connected.
A “maybe-endorsement” is designed to keep the attention on the endorser rather than the endorsee. It also carries a political threat.
This is probably the latest effort by the declining Religious Right to pressure Sen. McCain into choosing a running mate they like. McCain has not coddled fundamentalist Christians like previous candidates — even calling some of them “agents of intolerance” in the past.
McCain, an Episcopalian who attends North Phoenix Baptist Church where Dan Yeary is pastor, has tried to assure Christian fundamentalists that they would like his selection of Supreme Court justices and his opposition to gay marriage.
But Dobson seems to want more before giving a full endorsement — which everyone who knows anything about anything knows is coming.
It is hard to imagine, however, that those over whom Dodson has influence are waiting to see which candidate they should support. The only influence over the presidential election that Dobson may have is whether his followers walk briskly or sluggishly into the polls to vote for the Republican nominee.
Of course, all votes count — even from those who consider you a lesser evil.

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