An advertisement for a trip to Hawaii in 2022
  1. Donald Trump Doubles Down on Registering Muslims (The Atlantic)
  2. Carson: U.S. Should Have a Database on All Immigrants (Politico)
  3. Evangelicals are Torn About Admitting Refugees to the U.S. (Sojourners)
  4. In France, Marginalized Muslims Fall Prey to Radicalization (CBS News)
  5. In the U.S., Anonymous Exposes Alleged KKK Members in Mass List (Southern News)
  6. Trump and Bush Skipping Out on the ‘Final Exam’ for Iowa Evangelicals (National Public Radio)
  7. What is an Evangelical? Four Questions Offer New Definition (Christianity Today)
  8. How Former Church Buildings in the Pittsburgh Region Find New Life (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
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