1. Rev. Bob Shrum Leaves a Lasting Legacy at Oakland Baptist (The Herald, SC)
  2. After Pastor Weds Same-Sex Couple, Southern Baptist Association Votes to Sever Ties With Greenville Church (Greenville Online)
  3. SMU Religion Professor: ‘Hate Speech’ Coming from First Baptist (Southern Baptist) Dallas’ Jeffress Will Hurt City (Dallas Morning News)
  4. Muslims ‘Praying’ for Southern Baptist Minister in Gulfport Who Calls Allah ‘Satan’ (Sun Herald, MS)
  5. Changing Times: Declining Inner City Southern Baptist Church to be Reborn as Non-Denominational Congregation (Houston Chronicle)
  6. Southern Baptist Missionaries Forced to Retire Early Due to Declining IMB Finances Vow to Continue Evangelism Stateside (Washington Post)
  7. Protesters Say Southern Baptist Collegiate Church-Planting Lacks Diversity (WHSV, VA)
  8. Founding Southern Baptist Convention Church Building Condemned for Occupancy (Augusta Herald, GA)
  9. Pastor Whose Pregnant Wife was Raped and Murdered Chooses the ‘Route of Forgiveness’ (Washington Post)
  10. Meet the Little-Known Religious Group that Turned Kim Davis Into a Right-Wing Superstar (VOX)
  11. Christian Flag Not Coming Down, Says Tennessee School Board (Christian Post)
  12. Huckabee: Obama ‘Probably’ Wants to Make Americans Memorize the Quran (Politico)
  13. The Carson-Cruz War for the Evangelical Vote (Washington Post)
  14. At the Center of the Cruz Strategy: A Play for Christian Voters (Washington Post)
  15. Rare New Testament Fragment Found on eBay (Christian Today)
  16. Abortion Study Finds Gap Between Pulpit and Pew (Baptist News Global)
  17. Divinity School Deans: Changing Theological Education Easier Said Than Done (Baptist News Global)
  18. Ireland: Limerick School Allows Student to Opt Out of Religious Education Class (Irish Times)
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