1. Mars Hill Bellevue Becomes ‘Bellevue Church’; Lead Pastor Bows Out (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
  2. Cardinal Dolan Announces Roman Catholic Church Shake Up in New York (NBC New York)
  3. Federal Court Ruling Extends Equal Protection Rights to Atheists (Huffington Post)
  4. Christian Filmmaker De Miller Just Released “God Where Are You?” (Orlando Sentinel)
  5. Episcopal Church in Michigan Passes Gun Resolution (Lansing State Journal)
  6. Baptist Churches Aim to Plant Seeds of Hope in Delta (Baptist News Global)
  7. Black Baptists in U.S. Take on Ebola (Baptist News Global)
  8. Missouri Baptists Oppose Recognition of Legal Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages (BNG)
  9. Middle East: Beer, Wine Flow in West Bank Christian Hamlet (ABC News)
  10. China: Cracks in the Atheist Edifice (The Economist)
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