Beyond our homes, there are many caring congregations that gladly and thoughtfully assist in the important responsibility of helping nurture faith in children.

Through our Nurturing Faith publishing venture, Baptists Today is developing resources to help with that vital task. To begin, we are offering weekly children’s lessons/sermons.

These are written by Kelly Belcher of Asheville, N.C., who is a gifted chaplain and experienced children’s minister. Thanks, Kelly!

Kelly provides these lessons/sermons for each Sunday based on the Lectionary text that is the focus of the Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge found inside Baptists Today news journal.

Kelly’s Easter lesson/sermon can be found here. For information on the Nurturing Faith Bible Studies inside the news journal with online teaching resources for adults and youth, go here.

Look for more resources in the future that will help nurture a vibrant and mature faith in persons of all ages.

I’m grateful for those faithful persons who teach children by word and example. My own two daughters benefited from such wonderful, dedicated teachers and children’s ministers.

It left me with more time to explain the nuances of baseball.

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