1. Vatican Backtracks on Gay Comments (CNN)
  2. Next Gay Marriage Fight: Religious Exemptions (ABC News)
  3. Germany: Catholics Petition to Reinstate God in Constitution (Religion News Service)
  4. Oklahoma City Named National Bible City for 2014 (KOCO)
  5. Two from Jamaica Plain Baptist Church Arrested During Ferguson Protests (Boston Globe)
  6. Supreme Court Blocks Parts of Texas Abortion Law (Fox News)
  7. How Churches Are Slowly Becoming Less Segregated (Wall Street Journal)
  8. NYC Developer Embraces Religion in Search for Condo Sites (Business Week)
  9. Archaeologists in Israel Unearth Ancient Storm God Cult Complex (Christian Science Monitor)
  10. Baptist Disaster Relief Team Brings Prayers, Chain Saws (Monroe News-Star)
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