1. Alabama Governor Apologizes to 1963 Survivor of Klan Bombing of Church (Washington Post)
  2. Right Wing Extremists Celebrate Trump’s ‘Stand By’ Comment (Washington Post)
  3. Southern Baptist Leaders Call White Supremacy ‘Scheme of the Devil’ After Trump’s ‘Stand Back and Stand By’ Comment (Christian Post)
  4. ‘Woke’ Christians are Eroding Trump’s Base and Dividing the Evangelical Church (Newsweek)
  5. Pence Tries to Shore up Evangelical Support with Georgia Visit (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  6. Trump Has Changed Evangelical Christianity in America. But is He its ‘Savior’ or Death? (Houston Chronicle)
  7. A Theory About Conspiracy Theories (New York Times)
  8. Southern Baptists’ LifeWay Reverses Course and Seeks Resolution With Rainer (Baptist Standard)
  9. Biden Campaign Launches a Trio of New Faith Ads Targeted at Evangelical and Catholic Voters (RNS)
    A Day After Confusing to Condemn White Supremacists, Trump Aims a Xenophobic Attact at Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (New York Times)
  10. Ilhan Omar Pushes Back Against the Desperate Racist Politics of Trump’s Cult-Like Rallies (The Nation)
  11. Interview: To Elect Trump Evangelicals Could Find Common Cause with Some Muslims Over Opposition to Agnostism, Atheism and LGBT Rights (Christianity Today)
  12. Art Exhibit Displays the Bible Uncensored (Hillsdale Collegian)
  13. Pastor Who Led Maine Superspreader Wedding Must Wear Mask at Son’s Nuptials, N.H. Church Says (People)
  14. Controversial Religious Group Scrubs all Reference to Amy Coney Barrett From it Website (The Guardian)
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