1. U.K.: Extremely Rare Wicked Bible Goes on Sale (The Guardian)
  2. Treasure on Earth: How Religion is Redistributing the World’s Wealth (Christianity Today)
  3. Ogden Makes Mark as a Powerful Asheville Voice (Citizen-Times)
  4. Evangelical Group Changes Long-Standing Position on Death Penalty (Christian Post)
  5. Taking Refugee Work to Next Level in North Carolina’s Research Triangle (Baptist News Global)
  6. Pastor Nancy Stanton McDaniel to Be Nominated as BGAV President (Baptist News Global)
  7. Cuba: Baylor Partners With Seminaries, Will Provide Books to Students (Baptist Standard)
  8. Africa: Conservative SBC Missionary Sent to Revive Zimbabwe Seminary (Baptist News Global)
  9. Middle East: Netanyahu Holocaust Comment Not Backed by Scholarly Evidence – U.S. (Reuters)
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