A controversial, five-minute opening prayer in the Colorado Senate forced lawmakers to walk out and sent legislative staff members to rewrite guidelines for morning prayers.

Last Tuesday, David Meek, pastor of the Assembly of God Glad Tidings Church, in <Greeley, Co., prayed abortion would become illegal, the Pledge of Allegiance would be mandatory and male senators would look after female senators.

“I pray, Lord, help this great state of Colorado to be a leader, to be a real leader, Lord Jesus, and Lord, even to reverse the Roe vs. Wade so we can stop the killing and murder of the innocent little babies,” Meek said, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

The Denver Post reported that he “showed surprise that there were so many female senators, and called them ‘precious ladies’ the male senators should watch over.”

“He also urged lawmakers to accept Jesus,” the Post said.
Six senators walked out in protest, including Democrats and a Republican. The Republican senator who invited Meek apologized to his colleagues for the pastor’s inappropriate remarks.

A Denver Post editorial said Meek showed “an amazing lack of grace and common sense.” It referred to the pastor’s prayer as a “sneak attack” and said Meeks “needs to brush up on proper manners.”

Ministers are asked to keep their remarks to two or three minutes, according to the News. They are paid $25 for their services.

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