I’m too old for this. Really.

But too cheap to hire professional movers. So, with a promising sale of Susan’s house in Macon on the horizon, we spent the weekend packing and cleaning and digging a drainage ditch the inspector wanted and making runs to Goodwill and loading the truck.

RescueMissionDid I mention digging a drainage ditch? Or how many big magnolia roots we had to chop through with an ax (and me without my gloves)? After we lined the ditch with five bags of river pebbles, it looked real nice, and a thunderstorm proved that it works.

We gave two trailer loads of furniture to the yard lady, and a large box truck full of furniture to the Macon Rescue Mission. That’s what the driver wrote on the receipt, after shuffling stuff around twice to make it all fit: “Truck full of furniture.”

You’d think that wouhaululdn’t leave much, but we still filled a 14 ft. U-Haul to the gills — and there’s nothing quite like crawling around the back of a truck on a hot and muggy day. That really makes one appreciate a good shower  — and gain a new understanding of stiff and sore.

Tomorrow I get to drive the beast home. It’s only 410 miles or so. Should be an eight-hour breeze, right? And then we get to unload. Here’s hoping that Samuel and a hefty new college friend remember to come and help with that. At least it will be downhill coming off the truck.

If I’m lucky, in just a couple of days I’ll be able to stand up straight. Hard work can work you over, but being able to do something your own self brings a certain satisfaction that makes the effort worth aftermath.

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