By John Pierce

Christmas is over, finally. It ended last night — the Twelfth Night.

My guess is your tree — like ours — was already packed away. Somehow work schedules, bowl games and New Year activities inhibit the extended celebration of Christmas.

Today begins Epiphany, although many of us had that observance last Sunday.

As worship leaders shared with congregations, the word “Epiphany” means “appearing.” The focus is often on the Magi, or wise men, that “appeared” with gifts for the Christ child.

Of course, the wider focus is still on the Christmas event: the “appearing” of God in human form. The challenge before us at this time is to not put away the Incarnation like we did the tree, stockings and Elf on the Shelf.

Competing activities are not the only factor that draws our attention away from the 12-day observance of Christmas. That song really doesn’t help much.

The suggested gifts are not easily found, wrapped or received with appreciation. It’s hard enough to find a place for the new sweaters; imagine cramming ten lords a-leaping into your closet.



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