The death toll is still growing and projections of loss remain largely guesswork some three full days since a major earthquake hit the capital of Haiti. Despite logistical challenges, help is pouring in from many places.

Two former U.S. presidents with divergent political philosophies — Clinton and Bush 43 — have joined hands to raise needed funds for relief. Gifts can be made by clicking here or here.

Watching the relief efforts on television is hard enough. One can only imagine seeing the carnage firsthand as do the rescuers on site.

With some sad exceptions, most of us have a high view of human life. Even when such tragedy has no personal connection to us, we feel a sense of loss.

However, one human tendency is to assign value, intentionally or not, to people — often based on nationality, ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status. At times we see our own lives as having more or less value than another.

To do so is to miss the larger biblical affirmation that culminates in John 3:16 — that is, God loves “the world.”

Once we realize that God loves us no more or no less than anyone else, it takes a lot pressure off of us. It becomes easier to live and to give.

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