“Touched By An Angel” was the best primetime broadcast TV show last season, while “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” was the worst, according to annual rankings by the Parents Television Council.

CBS’ “Touched By An Angel” ranked No. 2 on the best list the year before, ceding the No. 1 slot to PAX’s “Doc,” starring Billy Ray Cyrus as a country doctor transplanted to New York. This year, “Doc” assumed the No. 2 slot.

CBS’ angel-themed drama called it quits at season’s end after nine years of “providing pro-family, faith-based entertainment,” according to PTC’s show analysis. The show has found a home in syndication on PAX, which broadcasts not only “Doc,” but also “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye,” which PTC ranked No. 3.

“Sue Thomas,” which begins its second season this year, chronicles the real-life tales of a deaf woman tapped for FBI surveillance work on account of her ability to read lips.

Rounding out the top 10 best shows were “7th Heaven,” “Life With Bonnie,” Smallville,” “Reba,” “Star Search,” “George Lopez” and “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.”

The ABC and WB networks tied with three shows apiece in the top 10, followed by PAX and CBS, with two shows each.

NBC and FOX didn’t make the best list, but they did account for some of the worst shows—especially NBC, which broadcast four of the worst 10.

“CSI,” which ranked No. 7 on the worst list the year before, is about a group of forensics investigators sifting through evidence to solve horrific crimes. Topping the worst list this year, it’s followed by:

“Kingpin,” “Fastlane,” “NYPD Blue,” “Fear Factor,” “Angel,” “Girlfriends,” “Will & Grace,” “Friends” and “Big Brother 3.”

“Kingpin,” “Fear Factor,” “Will & Grace” and “Friends” all belong to NBC.

For all the attention reality shows receive, only three made either list: “Star Search,” “Fear Factor” and “Big Brother 3.” Also worth noting, perhaps, is that CBS aired the best show—”Touched By An Angel”—and the worst—”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

PTC began ranking shows during the 1996-97 TV season. Archives of the best and worst lists are available on the PTC Web site.

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