A Web site dedicated to pastoral ethics has been launched.

A Web site dedicated to pastoral ethics has been launched.

Pastoralethics.com is “the pastors’ and church leaders’ source for interaction and information on the variety of ethical dilemmas and challenges faced in ministry today,” the site read.

Frank Merryweather and Stanley J. Grenz manage and edit the site. Merryweather is pastor of Emmanuel Pentecostal Fellowship in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Grenz is professor of theology and ethics at Carey/Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Pastoralethics.com “presents issues in the form of real-life case studies,” read the site. It also invites leaders from across the denominational spectrum to bring their perspectives to the discussion.

The site contains four main divisions:

1) Case studies: A monthly “narrative or story of one specific situation that calls for an ethical response”

2) Articles: Essays by the site managers regarding pastoral ethics in general, and the need for a pastoral ethics Web site specifically

3) FAQs: Answers to “frequently asked questions” regarding ethics, Christian ethics and pastoral ethics

4) Resources: A list of books, journal articles, videos and institutions relevant to pastoral ethics

“Here is a place where pastors and church leaders can anonymously receive counsel and wisdom on the troubling and challenging real life dilemmas encountered in church ministry today,” Merryweather wrote.
Cliff Vaughn is BCE’s associate director.
Visit the site at http://www.pastoralethics.com

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