Angela Grant is currently an Ernest C. Hynds Intern at Good Faith Media. She is a recent graduate of the Yale Divinity School looking forward to a career in religious journalism.

1. What story, verse or passage from your faith tradition’s sacred texts has significantly influenced / shaped your life?

John 1:1.

Even though the “Word” probably referred to something else – not that theologians are in agreement as to what that is – to me it means what it says. Without the Bible, what would we have?

2. Who are three people who have shaped your life and worldview? And why?

That’s easy – my son and my daughter through whose eyes I see more of the world, and my eighth-grade English teacher who took my writing seriously.

3. List three of your “desert island” books, movies or TV shows.

I would choose a King James Version of the Bible, which would be my survival guide, The Complete Works of Shakespeare because he wrote just about everything important that there is to say about human beings (and may have participated in the KJ translation). Thirdly, The Great American, a book (currently in the manuscript phase) written by my son based on his experience in Afghanistan and the dedication of an American military officer of faith and a few Afghans to raising up a remote province.

4. What is one of the most critical issues people are facing today?

Parenting. As a former teacher, I know that a child’s success in school – a major factor to their success in life is in the hands of parents, grandparents and others who care about them. Somebody has to read to them, make sure they do their homework and show up for parent-teacher conferences – and, by the way, pray with them and take them to church. Only one of my grandparents finished high school, but all their children and grandchildren graduated from college. Everyone doesn’t need a college degree, but taking school seriously is the way kids prepare for life. Parents are the best choice to teach this.

5. What are a few of your hobbies?

Swimming – one of the reasons I love South Florida!

6. If you could freeze your life into an already-lived 10 seconds, what would they be?

May I please have 30 seconds? My daughter’s (Navy) and son’s (Air Force) graduation from Officer Training, and Mitch Randall’s call offering the GFM internship.

7. Our tagline at Good Faith Media is, “There’s more to tell.” What’s your “more to tell”?

That is a metaphor for life – there is no written or spoken account of any event that can possibly tell the whole story. That is the challenge and the reward of writing.

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