Bruce Gourley is the managing editor of publications and Experiences director at Good Faith Media. A historian (doctorate, Auburn), he is an award-winning author of eight books, award-winning outdoor photographer, Wonderlust instructor at Montana State University and a public speaker.

  1. What story, verse or passage from your faith tradition’s sacred texts has significantly influenced / shaped your life?

Jesus’ teachings in the Beatitudes – his framing of the presence of God in the here and now among persons oppressed, marginalized and disadvantaged – has significantly shaped the trajectory of my thinking, writing and advocacy.

  1. Who are three people (other than your family) who have shaped your life and worldview? And why?

Buddy Shurden – In my undergrad studies, Buddy helped me transition from a fundamentalist upbringing to a search for truth. Later, working with him at Mercer University, Buddy helped me in the task of becoming a public historian.

Wayne Flynt – As one of my major professors during my doctoral work at Auburn, Wayne’s passion for historical truth and his commitment to advocacy as a public historian helped me understand the responsibilities of the history profession within and without the academy.

Ken Noe – As my primary professor and mentor during my doctoral work, Noe pushed me hard to excel in the complex tasks of researching, synthesizing, interpreting, understanding and writing history.

  1. List three of your “desert island” books, movies or TV shows.

The Princess Bride, The Matrix and John Grisham books.

  1. What is one of the most critical issues people are facing today?

In the 21st century, and on the ground in the face of long-running vast inequities growing all the wider and momentarily magnified by a global pandemic, the overarching challenge for humanity is the transformation of our world so that everyone has sufficient food, shelter, health care and the other necessities of life, and so that no one lives in fear.

  1. What are a few of your hobbies?

Hiking (Yellowstone, other national parks and in general), traveling to new places and reading.

  1. If you could freeze your life into an already-lived 10 seconds, what would they be?

A childhood memory, a fond memory of my parents, a time of laughter and fun with my daughter, a memorable moment with my wife, standing atop a wilderness mountain, hiking a wilderness trail in a mountain valley, standing on a wilderness stretch of the beach or in the marshes of Jekyll Island with bird sound, the sound of wind in a forest, staring into the eyes of a grizzly bear or a wolf in Yellowstone, an image of the books I’ve written.

  1. Our tagline at Good Faith Media is, “There’s more to tell.” What’s your “more to tell”?

Good Faith is inclusive, affirming, healing, kind, truthful, giving.

Good Faith is the core of Jesus’ teaching and life and transcends the hatred and the barriers that humans so often construct in defense of their own selfish interests, doing so by helping people understand and live lives reflective of and committed to one common humanity as equal in God’s eyes and 99% the same genetically, and together protecting our one and only planetary home.

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