Jana Peterson lives near Bozeman, Montana, and is nearing completion of her master of divinity degree at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. A mother of six, she was a self-described “homeschooling homemaker” for 15 years before pursuing her education while working with nonprofit organizations. She is an Ernest C. Hynds Jr. intern at Good Faith Media for the spring 2021 semester.

  1. What story, verse or passage from your faith tradition’s sacred texts has significantly influenced / shaped your life?

Romans 8:15-16.

From a young age, the idea captured in these verses gave me a vision of God who is accessible, attuned and kind. In some respects, these verses contain the remnant of hope I held in my heart through moments when scripture was spoken over me harshly.

  1. Who are three people (other than your family) who have shaped your life and worldview? And why?

Dr. Angela Parker, who gave me courage to break down systemic barriers and confidence to use my voice.

Dr. Cheryl Anderson, who introduced me to a non-traditional way of reading the Bible and gave me a vision of the beloved community that could emerge if we read with an inclusive hermeneutic.

Dr. Dwight Friesen whose invitation to faithful presence gave me hope for what the church could be if we tune ourselves to the movement of the Spirit in our communities.

  1. List three of your “desert island” books, movies or TV shows.

If I were on a desert island, I’d want a good hiking book to guide me to the best waterfalls on the island, a nice thick journal to capture my experience there and a cheesy rom-com (of any sort) to pass the time.

  1. What is one of the most critical issues people are facing today?

Given our current political climate and as an MDiv student, I believe we are at a crossroads between the Eurocentric, colonial theology that has done so much harm in the past 500+ years and the recent proliferation of liberation theologies springing up from the margins.

The question is whether we, as white Christians, will be courageous enough to listen to the movement of the Spirit.

  1. What are a few of your hobbies?

I love building things in my garage. Most notable are the teardrop camping trailer my family and I built 10 years ago and the large farmhouse dining table my son and I built together a few years ago. I also love hiking and road trips.

  1. If you could freeze your life into an already-lived 10 seconds, what would they be?

This is a hard one! I think I’d choose the moment at dinner on what would be my husband’s and my first “date” three months before we began officially dating.

We both knew it was a significant moment and he voiced it, “I want to remember THIS moment because we might want to think back to it in the future.”

There is so much hope and dreamy anticipation wrapped up in this moment that brought us to who we are now 24+ years later.

  1. Our tagline at Good Faith Media is, “There’s more to tell.” What’s your “more to tell”?

To the ex-vangelicals out there and those questioning their faith, I just want to affirm that the Creator is good and is ready for your questions. Jesus can handle your critique. And the Spirit is birthing something beautiful in our communities. Can you hear it? We are invited to participate!

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