Statue in Bigfork, Mont. Photo by John D. Pierce.

By John D. Pierce

Religion news is not an insignificant subset of information for the faithful few (or even many). In fact, religion plays a role in almost all the news that impacts our lives.

One service we are pleased to provide is a daily dose of wide-ranging religion news from around the world — all carefully hand-selected by online editor Bruce Gourley.

Some readers tell me they begin or end their day with a click on Bruce’s curated list of headline news — from major media outlets to the very obscure.

The subject matter is broad — as religion makes its impact (for good, ill or mixed) on so much of what is happening in the world. And Bruce does the hard work that makes it easy for us to stay informed.

Think you get all the important, insightful information on your own? How about this one that Bruce unearthed today?

How sad to think that some people will go through the day completely ignorant of such matters. Oh, and there’s some stuff about politics too in case you’re not hearing enough about that from other sources now.


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