One of America’s most popular mediums recently authored a book on the uses of prayer.

John Edward, former host of the Sci-Fi channel’s “Crossing Over” TV show, has just completed Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life.

Edward, whose psychic reading show went off the air in 2004 after three years, has already written numerous books on psychic connections, as well as a couple of novels. Practical Praying marks his entry into a more delineated religious market.

“I’ve been very non-denominational when it comes to my work and my religion,” Edward said on “FOX & Friends” on Mar. 24. “Just because I’m Catholic I didn’t want it to seem like you have to be Catholic to have a belief in the afterlife, or you have to be Catholic and pray the rosary to connect with the other side.”

“I’ve always felt it was very, very private and personal, and I didn’t really want to honestly discuss it,” he said of his religion. “But my publisher was extremely forceful in thinking that this was important to put out and help people kind of start a prayer dialogue.”

The book has three sections: on overview of Edward’s take on prayer, as well as a history of the rosary; how Edward has used prayer successfully in his own life; and an audio section laying out the technique of practical prayer. The book also comes with a meditation CD featuring actress Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”).

Practical Praying is published by Hay House, a Carlsbad, Calif.-based publisher of self-help books and audios.

Edward’s appearance on “FOX & Friends” packed a wallop of popular topics and theology into a few short minutes.

One of the show’s hosts, E.D. Hill, asked Edward if his Catholicism conflicted with his psychic abilities.

“Not at all,” he replied. “My belief in God has only strengthened because of the work that I do. It goes hand in hand.”

Another host, Steve Doocy, then brought up Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Life, calling it “one of the biggest books out there right now.” Doocy made no real connection between Warren and Edward, but Edward did use the comment to jump-start a discussion on “praying with intention.”

“For me, if you’re praying practically, it just means that you’re bringing in prayer energy to your everyday life and praying with intention,” said Edward.

He described praying with intention as praying for an outcome, and he mentioned the case of Florida woman Terry Schiavo, whose loved ones—and many across the nation—stand in a pitched battle over whether she should be kept alive despite her incapacities.

“They’re praying for an outcome that might be positive for whichever way their view is,” Edward said.

When host Hill asked if such a practice went against praying for God’s will to be done, Edward said prayer is “a combination of both.”

“I think that God gave us free will so we can make that decision,” he said. “Otherwise it’s too Calvinistic in thought that things are predestined and that—that this is my course and I’m going to go in that direction.”

Before the segment ended, host Brian Kilmeade brought conversation back around to the Schiavo case, wondering aloud if Edward could communicate with her.

“I do believe that the soul—the consciousness—can communicate when they’re in a state, whether it be a mentally incapacitated person, someone who’s in a coma,” he said as “FOX & Friends” rolled video of Schiavo. “It’s a consciousness, and the soul has a living consciousness.”

“I can tell you that she’s definitely clear on what’s happening now around her,” said Edward.

Edward’s former show, “Crossing Over,” was billed with the tagline, “The afterlife will be televised.” Edward told “FOX & Friends” that he initially enjoyed the free time after the show’s run, but that now he misses it.

Edward now lectures across the world and performs private readings.

Cliff Vaughn is culture editor for

Click here to watch the video of John Edward on “FOX & Friends.”

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