An advertisement for a trip to Hawaii in 2022

We’ve all seen it, I’m sure — most commonly when we were four or five years old, maybe even nine or ten, in more elaborate fashion.

Some kid makes a loud noise in class, or draws an ugly caricature of the teacher on the blackboard, and when the teacher seeks the culprit, he makes a big show of pointing to another kid who’s just sitting there doing his homework.

Sometimes the ploy involves multiple people who plan a prank or make miscellaneous mischief, then use some elaborate scheme to blame it on somebody else while pretending to be the innocent or wounded party.

For some reason those images keep popping into my head this week.

I can’t imagine why.

After shutting down most government services, House Republicans appointed a committee of eight Oct. 1 and staged a photo-op to blame Senate Democrats for declining to negotiate on their demand to defund or delay the Affordable Health Care Act.

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