The use of electronic forms of the Bible increases, even though a preference for print editions remains strong.

The Barna Group’s annual survey on the state of the Bible, released last week, listed this as one of its six trends for 2014.

“The age of screens has come to stay in the Bible market,” the report asserted.

While 84 percent of Bible readers prefer to use a print edition, 10 percent now prefer using an electronic edition on their smartphone, computer or tablet.

The growing influence of technology on Bible reading and study is further revealed in the following responses:

â— 21 percent downloaded a Bible app.

â— 24 percent used an e-reader to read the Bible.

â— 25 percent listened to an audio Bible.

â— 26 percent credited e-Bibles with their increased Bible reading.

â— 29 percent listened to a Bible study or sermon via podcast.

â— 35 percent used tablets or smartphones to search their Bibles.

â— 44 percent used the Internet to read the Bible.

The Barna Group’s annual reports for 2011 through 2014 can be found here.

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