Giles Fraser, a priest at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London told a BBC radio audience recently, according to Religion News Service, that some weddings can feel like “an overblown vanity project.”

Many clergy, he said, prefer conducting funerals that “still have a beauty, a quiet dignity and a moral seriousness that is quite absent from many of the weddings.”

The Rev. Fraser and others who endure such weekend extravaganzas have heard enough about “my special day.” According to the RNS report, the Anglican priest said “the problem with the modern wedding is that it’s too often a glitzy stage-set, overly concerned with the shoes, the flowers, the napkin rings and performing to the cameras.”

As a top priest at St. Paul’s, Fraser doesn’t have to look far to see where some families might have gotten the idea of turning weddings into high-dollar, attention-getting events. Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were married there in the grandest of styles in 1981, drawing a TV audience of some 750 million.

So while brides are saying yes to the dress, it seems some clergy are saying no to the excess.

I’ll take a bet on who’s going to win this one: mother of the bride.

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